Firm Policies

Client Communications Policy


The Michael Barnas Law Firm endeavors to communicate with each client in the manner most convenient to the client and appropriate to the nature of the message.


  • Methods of Communication.  The Firm communicates with its clients by telephone, email or traditional mail.  Documents may be delivered by mail or by commercial courier service.

  • Business Hours.  Normal business hours for the Firm are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern United States time, Monday through Friday.  The Firm observes State and Federal holidays recognized in New York State. 

  • Contacting the Firm. Clients are encouraged to contact the Firm by email, or when appropriate by telephone.  Mr. Barnas will make endeavor to respond to emails and take calls during normal business hours.  If meetings or other obligations prevent an immediate response, Mr. Barnas will make every effort to respond to emails or voice messages no later than the next business day.

  • Urgent Communications.  Messages requiring an immediate response should so indicate in the “subject” line if by email, or at the beginning of the message if by voice message.

  • Document Format.  In general, the Firm exchanges documents with its clients by emailing Portable Document Format (pdf) files.  Hard copies may be sent to the firm by first-class mail or by courier.

  • Unacceptable Methods of Communication.  The Firm discourages the use of social media to communicate regarding specific matters.  The Firm will not give legal advice on social media.

  • Applicability.  This Policy applies only to clients who have retained the services of The Michael Barnas Law Firm, PLLC.  Prospective clients or others will be contacted at the earliest convenience of the Firm, and should not expect a response on the next business day.